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I won’t go on a rant or anything but in a nutshell our trip was magical – Paris is such a cool city (I really do think “cool” is simply the perfect word) and the Amalfi Coast is spectacular (I’m talking forrest, mountains, trees, coast, ocean, citrus, so many flowers). We did a lot and then we relaxed a lot, too — kind of half and half. We booked the cheapest flights we could find, used airbnb and only spent money on drinks, food and activity. It was all really easy and perfect — if you’d want the deets, email me!

My top 3 HACKS —

#1 Mobile Passport – skip immigration lines like woh by simply getting ahead of the paperwork but digitally on your smart phone and then just breezing through with a QR code. More info here.

#2 Download Google Maps onto your smart phone in advance – this one is so clutch, without service or data you can still use your phone’s map to navigate manually and drop pins.

#3 Eater – if you don’t know, you must know – Eater is my new found love for spot on and spectacular restaurant reviews and recommendations. And they cover many major cities and places around the globe. Website.


A water bottle is a must (a must I tell ya!), and a cute one. Stayyyyy hydrated when traveling to avoid looking dull and to keep your system feeling satisfied and flushed. I got this funny spiked BKR bottle for my recent travels and now I’m really liking it for Spring.

Ya always need a fresh pair of comfy/cute kickssneaks like this go with literally everything.

Small Wallets are the shit, especially while traveling. I recently had an epiphany and realized I don’t need to be lugging around most of the crap in my wallet — and so I downsized. I’m loving this little guy.

Small cross body bags are the best for traveling, so you can keep your belongings contained, close to you and light weight. Also, just in case anything happens, it’s better not to be carrying your whole life in your bag, only a few of the essentials. This one and this one are really cute, both kind of timeless and versatile.

A fanny pack is also cool, you could always sling it over your shoulder rather than as a belt.

Tees and tanks (duh, look who you’re talking to — I live in tees and tanks). This one is my current OBSESSION.

And last, the infamous rollup visor — seriously, there is nothing better for travel. NOTHING. Haha. I’m telling ya though. One of my besties introduced me to this a few years back and my life changed forever. It’s just the easiest way to travel with a cute hat that I’ve ever seen. I like the “Honey” color, I just throw my hair in a bun and go!

Now I’ve got to start to plan and save up for my next trip! I’m thinking Santa Cruz, CA…I need redwoods!

Where are you headed this Summer, any recos?!

Well, just wanted to share some highlights — have a good night, love, xx, B.


Insecurity is something we have all faced at some point, that’s a fact. But it doesn’t have to be part of daily life. It’s all about perspective, and how you live…lifestyle, who you choose to be.

Overall, the goal should be to make the world a better place, you don’t want to be bad energy. Build people up instead of breaking them down. Be open, don’t be closed. Don’t be scared just because someone is different from you, observe, notice, try to understand. It doesn’t mean you’ll like them or be like them, but you can accept them for who they are. Understand that the world is too big {and beautiful} for us all to be the same.

Let energy flow through you, don’t absorb it or bounce back. Just feel it and let it pass – if you decide something requires a response or a change in yourself, make it diligent and collected, not reactive.

Be comfortable in your own skin because you like you, you trust yourself and know you’re a good person. There’s peace in that. You are kind, reasonable and rational – you too, like anyone else are just a human trying to navigate and live.

Know your place in the world, your small place. We all have a very small place in this world – don’t forget it. Let that humble you, find grace in that – don’t take anything too seriously. Don’t be scared because the world is really big; just realize that there is no one way to see anything. There is everything and that’s all that there is.

If you are concerned that someone doesn’t like you, just remember that you don’t like everyone either — it’s just not possible, that’s the beauty of the world. Agree to disagree and find the common ground in that. That’s one thing you can agree on, that you don’t like each other. But don’t judge, or hate, don’t let your own insecurity make you ugly. Make your own self-confidence and content make you beautiful. Have it make everything beautiful. Even if you’re not perfect, you are genuine and you are trying, you are living your journey and you have stories.

What else can you do, you’re at where you’re at. Just keep going. Life is a journey.

Before you dislike someone, realize that you likely know very little about the person you’re judging. Worry about yourself, trust your own journey and own it. You do you. Let others do them.

If someone makes you feel insecure, use the energy but productively. Get inspired, get fed up enough to change, grow, learn, be better than you were before. But don’t turn ugly, don’t let it make you closed-minded. How would that contribute to the world or make anything grow? That kind of behavior kills things. Don’t be scared, just have a conversation, observe, ask questions, learn — whether you agree or not it’s simply about seeing the world from different angles and understanding the magnitude. It’s about perspective and evolution. It’s about a really big and diverse world that’s always changing. Your small world is not the world, it’s a tiny spec. Hardly. Dinosaurs, dude.

Travel, read, get cultured — focus your energy on those things, about having a robust life, being informed and having information. Build a craft, have skills, be good conversation. Make people feel good, better. The world is scary enough as it is, the energy you choose to bring to the table is what reflects on you – whether you choose to see it or not, the world does.

So much love from my little castle in the sky ~ Italy’s Amalfi Coast is magic, I’m feeling as grateful as ever. Loving this trip to the max, and excited to get back to work when it’s time, too.

Blessings. Many many blessings.


Coachella, dude. Yep. We did it. UP. I’m tired and lost my voice but boy did we have fun. A music festival, especially those as large as Coachella are big undertakings – money, time, planning, energy. But damn, so worth it once in a while…once in a lifetime even, for some people.

Tapping into my soul like that — dancing to loud music with best friends in wide open spaces in gorgeous geography — is a need. An undeniable need. Moments like that really connect me to myself, to who I am and who I want to be; to the types of things that truly bring me joy and that are FUN.

Here are the top 5 things I got reminded of on my little trip to the desert ~

One – It is absolutely imperative that you tap into your soul once in a while, I’d say every 3-6 months is ideal, but at least once per year. Think ahead, make plans and make it happen for yourself. You need to take a break from everyday life to be overjoyed with passion, love, entertainment, fun. Whether it’s live music, camping, adventure, travel, alone time with your kids, staycation, a workshop, training for something, a mosh pit…whatever it is that’s yours (truly, sincerely, deeply) –> DO IT. Make it part of your life. Doctor’s orders.

TwoReusable nipple covers are the shit, I got these and they were worth every penny. They stick to your body heat and so there is no sticky adhesive and you can use them over and over. I just keep them safely in their little box and pop them on when needed. It’s like no bra but with some protection, wear strappy tops like the carefree goddess that you are! ; )

THREECocktails with water. Yep, it’s my newest craze. Great idea for anytime, but especially when drinking during the day or in the heat. Ice, your favorite liquor {I love tequila in the summer! but this works with anything}, water and maaaaad citrus. Yum yum yum and hello hydration. Get extra jazzy with this mason jar tumbler with lid and straw {in NYC I use glass but this guy is good for travel/near a pool}.

FOURDiscover new music! Sometimes I get stuck in patterns listening to the same music all of the time, and then I’m introduced to something new and realize how much I’m missing! Music comes with so much mood, emotion, energy, healing power that we need solid repertoires to tap into as needed. Ask around, use Pandora or Spotify to customize your suggested playlists, browse SoundCloud or check out some festivals. There was A LOT of music at Coachella but my favorite new discovery is Glass Animals. Check them out <3.

FIVE – You do you. The most graceful, calming, powerful, respectable thing you can do is always remember to be yourself and do what you need to do to be OK. Speak up, take care, go with the crowd or don’t. Don’t be selfish but make sure not to be selfless, either. As long as you are doing what you think is right, if it’s reasonable and fair, then you do you. Trust yourself, own it, be honest. To me, that’s perfect.

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Happy Saturdayyyy!



JAAANE. Killing it, every day. Jane and Natalie. And Doyle. And Finn and Butters, and the whooooole crew. Making my heart explode with joy every damn day. Happy Birthday sweet Janey-boo, you could not be more loved. You could not be more sweet or smart or kind or in-tune. You’re everything. You deserve the world. Good girl. We love you.

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best fwiends

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happy besties

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I have that feeling I get on a big travel day. When the world feels bigger and more vast than usual, I kind of feel small and real excited at the same time. Small like I feel how big the world is, and how grand life is. I always get contemplative when I travel. There’s something about being up in the clouds and moving across literal time and space that makes me think.

I’m feeling grounded. Happy, grateful, like I’m elated for what the future holds. I’m feeling really good about the work I’m doing lately, in all areas of my life. I’m productive and taking care, I’m nurturing the relationships that are important to me. I have some trips coming up in the next few weeks and so I’m happy that I’ll get to see some new parts of the world.

It’s a big-ass world and I want to see it all. It’s just amazing how geography and culture vary, experiencing them is like medicine. It’s such a good way to keep things in perspective, spark new ideas, appreciate the life you have, tune in to what you desire.

I’m heading off to a party weekend in the desert today, with my besties — Coachella, we can’t wait to see you! I need the warm sun and loud music and good laughs. Then in a few weeks I’ll be off to France and Italy — I can’t wait to see new things, to hear new languages, to feel the different sets of cultural boundaries and ways of life. Then I’m excited to get back to work — to refine my skills and build my craft, in all areas.

Life is good, man — even when it’s got some bad. Just find the lessons so you can improve as you go. Keep getting better. Look forward, do not dwell on the past. Just dust off and proceed. There is so much opportunity and so much beauty, that’s the stuff to spend your time thinking about. Remove clutter from your life so your thoughts can be clear. Be focused, deep and narrow.

Have a beautiful day, mad love,



P.S. — a few things I’m LOVING lately: 

GOO GONE: buy it now and feel like a champ when you have it on hand when you need it, it’s a life saver. Removing price tickets, stickers, labels from jars, random stickiness and so much more!

SKIN COOLING ICE ROLLER: seriously the best cheap-as-shit beauty treatment you’ll ever find, it feels so decadent and rewarding and couldn’t be more hassle-free. Alleviate puffiness, redness, migraines, tighten skin and rejuvenate. My fave is under my eyes and on my smile lines. You’re welcome.

STRETCH STRAP: mine’s coming with me on my trips! It’s like a yoga strap but with stretch, and it has little loops so you can get the perfect increments. Stretching is so important, you guys {and feels so good}, make time for it. This makes it easy and fun at home or anywhere you go. Enjoy!

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Sooo fun, just the best kind of fun around — but also a lot of hectic, anxious energy.

I’ve been to a festival or two in my day…or like, 50 ~ here’s my top advice on how to stay calm and collected, feeling good and having a total ball.

1. Keep it simple, be comfortable and be yourself

This is rule #1. This is so important, in life always but especially in a festival situation. Comfort and confidence is sexy, so don’t costume-up so elaborate that it takes over your life. Shop for new things and be stylish if you want, but you want to wear clothes that feel like you, that you know what to expect from and that won’t make you feel insecure. Maybe add some glitter or a pretty head piece to the mix to make you feel festive, but avoid trying to be someone you’re not by overdoing it with the embellishments.

Wear clothes that are comfortable! I repeat, COMFORTABLE. Nothing too tight or too short or that you’re worried about ruining. Don’t wear huge high heels that you can’t walk and dance in. Don’t wear your most expensive or prized belongings — no matter how cute they are, leave that worry safe at home. Festivals are about being happy and carefree, about getting loose and being in the moment. Your outfit and accessories should allow for that and enhance that but certainly not get in the way.

Keep it simple.

Plan your outfits in advance according to the geography and weather, and be practical. For example, if it’s going to be hot during the day but cool down at night, bring a light jacket. Avoid rompers because they are hard to pee in! I’m tellin’ ya, when you’re dealing with porter potties you don’t need any added stress. Choose a lightweight cross body bag or a backpack {I’m feeling the leopard prints} so you’re hands free to troop around and boogie. Wear closed-toe shoes, keep your money secure and be yourself! Straight up.

2. Bring something jazzy to the party 

It’s always fun to bust out something unexpected for a little added amusement. I’m thinking flash tattoos, face jewels, a polaroid camera, Evian face spray — whatever you think is awesome and your friends might enjoy in the moment.

3. Sunblock and water

Don’t be the dope who gets so wrapped up running around so excited that they totally forget to take care of themselves. Keep your shit in check. You’re going to be active in the sun for hours, make sure to protect yourself and stay hydrated. My essentials: sun block {this brand is my absolute faveee}, hatwater bottle.

4. Get waxed before you go

This is my favorite little secret — it works wonders for any vacation or weekend away with friends, but especially at festivals. Since you’re going to be on the go, sharing living space and may even have limited access to bathrooms, mitigate the worry of shaving and hair removal altogether. Wax it off before you go and you’ll be golden for the whole time, how liberating! I wax my full legs, bikini, underarm and any other little area I have unwanted hair (like toes, belly button, face).

5. Don’t mess with your hair

This is another little secret of mine. You’re going to have moments that you’ll feel like a hot mess — in a crowd, sweaty, worried about frizz. My best advice is to just let it be and don’t do anything {no pony tails, buns, running your fingers through your hair like crazy, don’t wet it}  — just leave your hair be, keep on dancing and don’t worry. You’ll cool down eventually and your hair will be better off if left untouched. If you mess with it early on, you’ll never get it right again — it will be a creased up ball of mess. Just leave it be and it will stay as tamed as possible. Think about the long game for this one guys, feel the pain and let it pass — even during the days, you have the whole night ahead of you.

Anyway, I hope these little tips were helpful and fun. Be safe and have a blast {insert rocket ship emoji here}. xxx

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I’m not a huge makeup person but I’ve become more interested over recent years as it really makes a difference! It can make you look brighter, less tired, more flawless and overall a lot sexier when desired. You can ramp up or down depending on the occasion and switch up the color pallette or vibes based on location or season. The possibilities are truly endless.

See below for my go-to, every day makeup routine { THAT I love!! }. 

SPF moisturizer  — I’ve been using this one from Mario Badescu lately, it’s simple and perfect and has SPF {which is a must!}.

Next is Dr. Hauschka foundation {I wear color 02} — this stuff is lightweight and has a nice dewy look, plus it’s made with clean and quality ingredients so I don’t mind putting it all over my face.

I use a powder brush to dust over my entire face with a little powder foundation — I love this Zuzu brand, they make quality products with clean ingredients and great result. Again this is something I don’t mind putting over my entire face {no sick chemicals or scary ingredients}.

Next up is ones of my FAVES, the Anastasia Glow Kit. This kit is a little gem, let me tell ya. I really like all of the colors — I use the lighter colors {summer and moonstone} to highlight under my eyes {with this brush}, the effect is so pretty and shimmery but in a subtle, beautiful, sun-kissed way, nothing over the top. And I use the darker colors {bronzed and tourmaline} as eye shadow on occasion when I’m feelin’ it.

Almost done!

Bold, full brows are the best. Filling in the brows goes a long way, I think it really ties together the whole look and helps make things pop. Don’t go over board, but just give them a little attention. I use these three products — clear mascara to brush them initially, get them in order, and get them a little moist. Then I brush on some of this Mac shadow with this brush {just sweep up in the direction of the hairs, use the different shapes of the brush as needed}.

And last but certainly not least, the eyes. I apply eye liner, lash primer and mascara in that order. Then boom, you are done.

I like to spray my face with some of this Caudalie Beauty Elixir to matte and set. P.S. — this stuff is amazing with or without makeup, it’s refreshing, tightens pores and gives your skin a really nice dewy blowy look.

If you’d want to see an actual tutorial, send me an email or let me know in the comments below ~ I’m thinking about kicking off my video game before too long.

Have a great night, xxx.