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There really is a difference between a quickie rinse off and a real scrub. I showered HARD yesterday and felt truly delicious afterward…I have to dish-

Start with a good floss and tooth brushing, perfect while the shower water is heating up.

Imagine what its like to get your hair washed at a salon and channel that. Wet your hair thoroughly, massage in shampoo, scratch and lather. Rinse mostly out and then shampoo again. Rinse well.

Ring out your hair and apply conditioner mostly to the ends, save a little bit for the upper portion. Tie your hair up in a bun and let the conditioner set for a little (optional, you can rinse out immediately if that’s better for your hair — but then I’d save to the end, right before the face wash).

Next, scrub down your entire body with soap on a body brush — this feels amazing!! Scrub down your entire body — feet, legs, arms, top of hands, belly, lower back, under arms, between your bum cheeks, bikini line, chest, upper back, everywhere you can reach! It hurts so good, enjoy.

Body scrub should def be in the repertoire — mainly on the arms, underarms, legs, bikini, chest and upper back. If you want to preserve, choose only your favorite areas and use less, its great just over the areas that you shave or remove hair.

If you’re going to shave, use a nice shave cream and lather up really well! Cover the entire surface area that you plan to shave. Take it slow and do a good job, so you avoid cuts and don’t miss any hairs. Rinse your blade regularly and change your blade often/as recommended on the package.

After shaving, rinse the conditioner out of your hair — again, massage your scalp really thoroughly until your hair is literally squeaky clean. Don’t leave any residue. Always be mindful to hold your hair away from your back and rinse your back well. I’ve heard that a lot of backne (acne on the back) is from residual product and dirt after washing your hair.

Once hair is clean and all product is down the drain (not left on skin!), wash your face. Get a good lather going and wash your entire face, around the hairline, under the jaw line, neck and chest. Take about 30 seconds to really lather up and wash. Then rinse thoroughly. Don’t forget to rinse your ears.

Dry off really well.

Then! Bath wrap. Serious game changer! Bath wraps are like towels but they have velcro so they secure on really well. Free hands and no sleeves. Much preferred over a robe most of the time.

To me, that is a perfect shower.

See here for my favorite products –






Shower head water filter 

  • Aquasana
  • If you want to filter your shower water (so worth it!), see more here.


Shampoo (shampoo twice!)


Conditioner (mostly on ends)


Dr. Bronners (almond is my fave)

  • Enough said.


Bamboo body brush


Body scrub 


Shaving cream


Face wash 


Face scrub


Shower cap

  • Go for the big ol’ Betty Dain, I get white every time.


Bath wraps!!!


Want more on clean body products!? See here.








Less > more.


Like woh.

Less is more.

It is.

Less equals freedom, clarity. Space. Time.

Breathing room – literally and figuratively.

Less equals more money.

Less equals more.

Less equals less work, less energy exerted.

More loss.

More gain.

More savings.

More happiness.

Less > more.


Let me explain –

I think we do too many things and it ends up hurting us. We need time to think – down time, mind time, space. Time to sleep, read, be bored. And we can’t do it all – in today’s world of endless options for activity and stimulation, it’s important to make choices. Only spend your time, resources and energy on things that you definitely want and can’t wait to do. Things that feel good, that you enjoy, that serve you. Things that make sense circumstantially and for your life. This goes for friends and people, too – don’t have relationships by default, be aware, be diligent – craft your lifestyle, including the company you keep.

Have you ever tried to workout so much that you end up eating way more and then you don’t achieve your goals? You either end up staying the same, or even gaining weight. Sometimes I find that when I try to do too many activities per week (exercise classes, social events, projects, errands, favors), I end up cutting corners in other places – I’ll prepare food less, and therefore eat on the go more, I’ll sleep less and therefore be less rested, I’ll keep my apartment less tidy and spend less time planning. Therefore, I’m doing more but I’m on top of my shit less. I’m checking more boxes but feeling less in control, less grounded, less productive.

Doing more puts you at risk of leaving more to chance, not being able to put the pieces in place. You need to protect the time needed to do the unofficial things, the things necessary to keep to your routines and take care of yourself (and your home) – like cooking, cleaning, sleeping, thinking, reading, relaxing. You need to make time to take care so you feel on top of your life – for me, it’s the only way to stay on track.

Know that it’s ok to mindfully do less things, so you can stay on top and do them well.

I think spending less money and having less belongings leads to loving what you have, it leads to higher quality and more thought-out choices. It leads to less clutter and more savings, more gain in the end.

Be diligent and mindful and selective. Mindfully do nothing sometimes. Take time to chill, and think and plan. This includes identifying opportunities to do less, so you can do better.

Once in a while, let a nice night at home be your exercise for the day – catch up with yourself and don’t be in a rush…see how it feels.

You feel me? Check this out –

I’m obsessed with the book I’m currently reading, I highly recommend: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.

Happy Sunday, xxx.


dutch braids2.jpg

I’ve kind of just been cruising along lately, not any highs or lows. Just living. Working (blah), exercising, hanging with friends. Not writing very much, or reading at all. I’ve been thinking, about life and work, the kind of life’s work that I aspire to do. I’ve been thinking about my future. Not like tomorrow, but my big picture future. Down the line.

Like anything else, creating a lifestyle takes time – step by step. Progress, pause for learning, work, some minor delays, more progress. That’s how it feels for me, not instant gratification but small movements over time – chiseling away.

As you all know I am OBSESSED with my new budget (YNAB), all I can think about is reaching total financial freedom – what a blessing that will be! The thought makes it easy for me to want less things, to consume less. It’s in sight – I just need to work toward it, to manage to my budget. I can and I will, I have a plan. A 6-month plan and then a few year plan after that. I don’t know exactly what my future will look like but I’m starting to know what I want it to be. And that is an important first step!

I want to do work I love, to care about what I do. I want to be creative, to express myself. I want to share. I want to be a student and a teacher. I want to live in a beautiful place, with only a reasonable amount of stress. I want to wear comfortable clothes and move inside of my body. I want to love my home, and have the things I need. I want my family. And my friends. Nature.

All things that are possible.

Anyway, the only way to put desires into action is to take action – literally, inch by inch. So I’ll think about the immediate next steps, and start to take them – one little thing at a time. Attainable, realistic, achievable. Moving on from one thing to the next and then the next and then the next, all in the direction of my goals. Things will build, that’s how it works – I know it.

Otherwise, a few life hacks –

I learned how to dutch braid my own hair! I never thought I could, but then I watched this YouTube video. I practiced a few times and now I’ve got it down pretty alright. Nice.

I sparkling cleaned my keyboard using Clorox wipes and it looks freaking amazing! Thank goodness, it was looking dirrrrty. Usually I avoid chemicals in my products, but I made an exception because someone recommended this method and it really works (better than the electronic wipes I have)! Just disconnect your key board, grab a Clorox wipe/squeeze out any excess liquid (back into the container or into a drain) and gently wipe down your keyboard. I like to use little circular motions on the keys and then straight, long motions for the rest of it. Just keep moving your spot on the wipe so you use up all the surface area. Game changer.

I tinted my own brows, too. On my own! At home! I bought this little tint kit for a fraction of the salon price and…voilà. It’s alllll about the tint, guys.

Running off to celebrate my beautiful sister’s birthday tonight (I made a boxed cake and frosting this year – came out delish!), enjoy your Sundays!


Photo by Kendra Heisler.


Work was kind of brutal last week, woh – these big city corporate careers can be wild sometimes. So many personalities, so much energy swirling around. I think the key is to stay calm and articulate, to breathe, to not take it too personally. There’s too much happening and it’s hard to really see the full picture, you never know for sure what’s going on in total or where someone is truly coming from. So don’t try to figure it out. Just do your job, do the best you can, work hard, collaborate, don’t gossip. Just keep moving, keep checking things off the list and working toward the priorities.

I was happy for this weekend, yay. It’s been a good one, productive –

I got my eyebrows done – they use threading to clean up the shape and I tint them, too! Medium brown, about every 2-3 weeks. Tinting picks up the baby hairs and puts them to work for your shape, overall you’ll be bolder and fuller and lookin’ fly. I’ve read that you can tint your brows at home for like $1, I’m going to order this kit and try soon. All about the new budget, guys!

Obsessed with the new budget actually – I feel like a brand new person. Using You Need A Budget and actually creating a thought-out plan for myself has opened my eyes and changed my perspective in such big ways, and definitely for the better. I respect my money more. Plus, it’s quick and easy to set up and it’s fun! Don’t get frustrated, just watch the free tutorials and keep plugging away, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. You will never look back, I bet ya!

I got my nails did (I went a little Jersey Shore and chose grey toes and purple nails!! I’m feeling it though, looks jazzy for the winter).

I went sale-shopping and got a few pieces from the Journelle semi-annual sale (50% off, woop!). The lace is so pretty and these bras will go way longer than any cheap lingerie I might buy. I shop this sale once a year and stayed within budget, can’t knock me for that!

I also went to Paragon Sports and picked up this thick elastic stretch band that I have been wanting for almost a year! Since I tried my sister’s. It’s kind of like a yoga strap but it’s stretchy and has loops sewn into it that serve as little notches for your limbs, so you can progress deeper into stretches over time. This is seriously delish to have at home and I think a great activity to add into your routine. Don’t feel like working out!? No prob, just move around with this guy for 20-30 mins and let that be your activity for the day. Stretching, meditating and relaxing some of the time are equally as important as any hard workout – you need to nourish your body in many ways. Plus, flexibility and length are increasingly more vital as we grow older – it’s never too soon to start preparing. I’m going to break this out of the package right now! Can’t wait.

I watched some YouTube videos on double dutch braids and Photoshop, posted some items for sale on eBay, had a meeting with a photographer friend, made a crock pot meal, watched some Shameless…laundry, dry cleaning, yoga {at Jivamukti, my all time favorite yoga school}.

That’s pretty much it. Just keeping productive and busy while I cleanse, chipping away. Doing me, you know.

Have a great evening, xoxoxoxoxoxox

I haven’t been that into novels lately, not sure why — I hope they make their way back into my life soon! I’ve had the same book sitting in my bag for months, and have hardly read 50 pages. I used to read a new fiction story every few weeks. Oh well. Waves. In the meantime I’ve been reading more informational books and how-to types.

I picked up Grammar Essentials for Dummies and Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teen-agers. Both subjects I’ve been wanting to brush up on! Just to feel covered and make sure I know the basics. Usually with stuff like this, once you jump in you realize you know more than you thought! They were quick reads and bonus: I bought them used on Amazon so they were cheap. Double dope.

So…table manners…I know we’re less formal today than times in the past but I still want to feel like I have some clue how to behave. Like I can plus-up the formality when it’s time. Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teen-agers is a really cute little guide, it took me about 15 mins to read the whole thing and definitely covered the basics.

My favorite highlights –

The forward states, “At Tiffany’s our interest is in attractive tables set with good china, glass and silverware makes us equally aware of the importance of good table manners.” I think that’s an excellent visual — makes me think: act as though there are breakable (and expensive) things all around you, stay poised and graceful.

  • It’s customary for the man to help the lady on his right to be seated.
  • Start with the silverware on the outside and work your way in.
  • After you’ve served yourself, place the serving utensils side by side on the outer ring of the platter.
  • You don’t have to wait for the hostess to start eating, just take your time and don’t dive in as soon as food arrives.
  • When eating soup, you’d always move the spoon/tip the bowl away from you – so not to spill on your clothes. And make sure, no slurps or noise!
  • The fork belongs in your left hand and knife in your right. For veggies, sides or if fish/meat is boneless and soft enough, it may be eaten with just a fork. Try not to switch back and forth from two utensils to one (or vise versa) too frequently though, it may appear clunky.
  • Each time you take a mouthful, lean over your plate (this way if anything drops, it won’t be in your lap).
  • If you’re chewing on a tough piece of meat or something you want to remove from your mouth, don’t spit it out into your hand – simply chew it well and use your fork to bring it to the edge of your plate.
  • If you are taking a break but plan to continue eating, place your fork crossed over knife at the bottom center of your plate, prongs down. A proper server would know not to remove your plate. When your course is finished, place your silverware side by side on the right side of your plate – prongs down and knife blade facing fork. If you were eating with only a fork, the “I am finished” position is fork on the right side of the plate prongs up.
  • Asparagus is eaten with the fingers! If the stalk is too long or soft, cut off the ends and eat with your fork. Artichoke is eaten with hands, too, until you get to the heart (then knife and fork).
  • Dessert may be eaten with fork in the left hand and spoon in the right. These two have the same rest position as earlier courses, fork crossed over spoon at the bottom center of your plate. Or side by side on the right side of your plate once you are finished – bowl up, prongs down.
  • Keep your elbows close to you and off the table while eating, they should move freely – it is perfectly acceptable to rest your elbows on the table when you’re not eating.
  • Don’t leave your spoon in your coffee cup.
  • Don’t put too much food in your mouth at any time, always be chewing a small enough amount so able to participate in the conversation. Don’t talk with your mouth full.
  • Hold corn on the cob in both hands. Eat chicken with utensils unless at a picnic.
  • If you spill a glass or drop some silverware, just be nonchalant and keep talking. Don’t dive to pick anything up or start cleaning.
  • Be more interested in hearing the views of others than your own.
  • Don’t push your plate away from you once through with your meal.
  • Don’t get up from the table until your hostess rises.
  • Break the rules from time to time, just be chic about it – and have fun!

Happy weekend, good night.



I went on vacation in early December and came back supercharged. I could clearly think about my motivations and the type of life I want to create for myself. About the few next steps I wanted to take to get there. I think having the chance to truly unwind and even be on the verge of boredom for a bit is a really good thing.

A lot of us live crazy lives, we’re on the go go go. And then we go some more. We live in a world where there is so much at our fingertips and so many things to experience that we don’t want to miss a beat, but it’s a lot. On top of that we live in a digital age where we are constantly stimulated and overloaded with information – businesses and brands are fighting for our attention. Let alone trying to decipher the quality of the content we absorb, there is a steady flow messaging coming at us from all angles that is overwhelming in itself.

We have jobs and careers, hobbies and passion projects, families, social lives, social work. We try to keep up with exercise routines and culture. Current events. We want to be good partners to our spouses. On top of all of that, something as age-old as eating (eating well, anyway) these days isn’t simple, it’s continuous conversation and decision-making.

It’s so important to take a break and think about nothing sometimes, or to think about different things than you usually do. To talk about the past and the future, about your dreams, about the life you want to create for yourself, about the steps you can take to get there. Baby steps.

Obviously basking in the sun is delicious, and traveling to a new place is exciting. It feels so good to see beautiful scenery, to swim in the ocean or hike a mountain. But really, vacation can happen anywhere, even in the comfort of your own home. It’s really about disconnecting, slowing down, sleeping in, feeling cozy, eating nice meals, getting your thoughts to a new place. Not thinking about the day-to-day but taking a little time to dream, to remember, to come up with ideas, to learn a new perspective.

For me it’s really motivating. Taking myself outside of my box keeps me grounded and evolving. It shakes things up, reminds me to prioritize and focus. Rather than adding more onto your life, maybe scale back and get more simple. Maybe exchange for something/s different. Vacation (or staycation) helps to focus on what you really want and who you really want to be — spend your energy, time and money there and only there. As much as possible, anyway. Cut out the things (or people) that aren’t serving you. Like I always say, things don’t happen over night — so just keep chipping away and make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

Sometimes doing less is more. A lot more. Routine is good, but we need breaks. Be thoughtful about your day-to-day —> I think a little vacation brain is the gateway to that clarity. Treat yourself.

Happy Sunday.

With love,



Self care = yes. It’s so important.

It feels amazing and is a really good way to use your time. It’s healthy and grounding I think, as well. Some of my little habits lately have been making me feel really freaking good, like decadent almost. And so easy and cheap – it’s criminal.

1. Ice Roller. Straight up the dopest $8 contraption there is. Cool and soothing on the skin, firming, reduces puffiness and calms inflammation. And feels so good. I like to roll it all over my face – cheeks, under eyes, forehead; neck and chest. So easy.

2. Dry Body Brush, but wet. I can’t seem to fully commit to daily dry brushing just yet, but I do my own version — I have this guy in the shower with me. I use it to massage on my soap, it hurts so good. Like so so good. Just scrub the full body in circular motions toward your heart. I especially like it over the areas I shave. MMM.

3. Foam Roller – just roll on it all over. Even your chest and quads, calves. Upper back. Hamstrings. Back of neck, lower back. Biceps. I love the bigger versions. But this compact guy looks really good, too. Like, better than a professional massage, for free. And really good for your facia chains. Look that up! Yummy.

Each to be used many times.

LMK what you think =).