Move Your Body Every Day {my favorite at-home moves that aren’t exercise}

It doesn’t always have to be strength training or a strenuous activity but moving inside of your body every day is really important. It’s healthy physically and mentally but also keeps you connected and in touch with yourself. You’ve gotta stay connected! Plus, moving feels good — it’s a good use of your time, it’s productive.

Your body needs all kinds of care — exercise is huge, but stretching, massage and other self care activities have great benefits as well.

I like to do these kinds of activities at home — I set aside 15 – 20 mins {usually just wearing underwear}, and spend a little time moving and breathing. Here are some of my favorites-


this is the coolest little, weirdest little, piece of magic I’ve ever discovered — it’s your very own bed of nails. Using this guy is weirdly therapeutic — it stimulates nerves, helps circulate blood and reduces muscle tension. I like to lay on it barebacked or I place my bare feet on the neck pillow while sitting at my deck. I am certain you will love, and it’s less than $20 bucks!


when stretching I like to have an open/lifted chest and a long spine, this stretch band helps me keep good form so that I can stretch my muscles in perfectly supported increments. I love this thing and often bring it with me when I travel.


foam rolling is healthy for the muscles but in a different way then stretching — it’s less about lengthening and more about overloading the sensory receptors/circuits of your fascia muscle chains so they shut down and then ultimately “re-program” themselves once you start to move again. In simple terms, fascia is a web of fibrous connective tissue, mostly collagen, connecting your entire body. It wraps your organs, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, enabling body parts to move individually or as groups. I foam roll most of my body, 1-2 times per week, including my chest, shoulders, arms and forehead.


I discovered these therapy balls a few years ago during a “yoga tune up” class and immediately bought my own pair. I love using these to precisely target specific areas that feel pain/soreness or need relief — for me it’s mostly around my shoulder blades, on my upper back or my butt. It’s a little painful, but the good kind!


reclined hero’s pose using blocks is my absolute fave, it’s a stretch for the quads and the chest and feels relaxing at the same tine. Just sit on your shins, then lie back onto your back using blocks as a support and chest opener — one lowest height between the shoulder blades, the long way along your spine, and the other to support your head. Anything that stretches the front body feels dreamy, I bet if you think about it you might realize how neglected front body stretches are.

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