April 20, 2017 { jetting off to the desert }

I have that feeling I get on a big travel day. When the world feels bigger and more vast than usual, I kind of feel small and real excited at the same time. Small like I feel how big the world is, and how grand life is. I always get contemplative when I travel. There’s something about being up in the clouds and moving across literal time and space that makes me think.

I’m feeling grounded. Happy, grateful, like I’m elated for what the future holds. I’m feeling really good about the work I’m doing lately, in all areas of my life. I’m productive and taking care, I’m nurturing the relationships that are important to me. I have some trips coming up in the next few weeks and so I’m happy that I’ll get to see some new parts of the world.

It’s a big-ass world and I want to see it all. It’s just amazing how geography and culture vary, experiencing them is like medicine. It’s such a good way to keep things in perspective, spark new ideas, appreciate the life you have, tune in to what you desire.

I’m heading off to a party weekend in the desert today, with my besties — Coachella, we can’t wait to see you! I need the warm sun and loud music and good laughs. Then in a few weeks I’ll be off to France and Italy — I can’t wait to see new things, to hear new languages, to feel the different sets of cultural boundaries and ways of life. Then I’m excited to get back to work — to refine my skills and build my craft, in all areas.

Life is good, man — even when it’s got some bad. Just find the lessons so you can improve as you go. Keep getting better. Look forward, do not dwell on the past. Just dust off and proceed. There is so much opportunity and so much beauty, that’s the stuff to spend your time thinking about. Remove clutter from your life so your thoughts can be clear. Be focused, deep and narrow.

Have a beautiful day, mad love,



P.S. — a few things I’m LOVING lately: 

GOO GONE: buy it now and feel like a champ when you have it on hand when you need it, it’s a life saver. Removing price tickets, stickers, labels from jars, random stickiness and so much more!

SKIN COOLING ICE ROLLER: seriously the best cheap-as-shit beauty treatment you’ll ever find, it feels so decadent and rewarding and couldn’t be more hassle-free. Alleviate puffiness, redness, migraines, tighten skin and rejuvenate. My fave is under my eyes and on my smile lines. You’re welcome.

STRETCH STRAP: mine’s coming with me on my trips! It’s like a yoga strap but with stretch, and it has little loops so you can get the perfect increments. Stretching is so important, you guys {and feels so good}, make time for it. This makes it easy and fun at home or anywhere you go. Enjoy!

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