Be Mindful About How You Use Your Time {lose weight and be happy}

I always say this, and in a way it’s taking something complicated and boiling it down to a simple thought — but overeating, binge eating and not being able to manage your weight is about not knowing how to use your time.

It’s about not knowing how to fill white space.

This holds true for any self-destructive behavior.

If you’re over eating {eating more food than your body needs or feels comfortable handling}, you’re using food as a tool for something different than it’s meant for.

That can be a scary thought, but it can definitely be corrected.

Food is not meant to be an activity, it’s not company or friendship or reward after a long day.

It’s meant to be fuel for your body, a supply of nutrients and calories that your body needs to function.

A lot of times when I overeat I feel exhausted afterwards…I can tell my body is bogged down with a huge job. It makes me feel heavy and lazy, and it takes away from my life.

Over the years as I’ve learned to be in control of my life {and my weight}, it’s because I’ve learned how to use my time. I’ve learned how to fill white space, down time. What that really means is that I’ve found hobbies, passions, creative outlets; things that motivate me, excite me and that inspire me.

Start out by making lists. Make lists of productive, enjoyable things you can do with your time that’s not eating. These may be things that you already do today that you’d like to make more time for, or they can be new things you aspire to work into your life. A combination would be great, and this can evolve over time. Start simple, start with a few key things.

Maybe calling family members or friends, an art or craft, a sport, cleaning, spending time with loved ones, working on a passion project, starting a business maybe!, taking a walk, shopping, beauty treatment, reading, writing or my absolute favorite…declutter something. I love removing clutter from my life on a regular basis, I need it. Literally any room, space, closet in my home is a great opportunity to get in touch with the things I have and get rid of the things I don’t love. {You can make money on these items, too — craigslist, ebay, poshmark are all great ways to make some money for things you no longer want}.

So in a nutshell: figure out options of better ways to use your time than mindlessly stuffing down more food than you need, and then make a schedule for eating.

Here are the non-negotiables:

  • + Eat 3 meals per day, nice proper meals where you eat until you’re full.
  • + Have protein, fat and green {or deep colorful} veggies at every meal.
  • +5-6 hours between meals would be ideal, so your body can digest and assimilate before you eat again.
  • + Only snack if you are truly hungry or so you’re not starving before a next meal, snacks should have fat and protein.
  • + Eating your 3 meals at the same times each day is very ideal and optimal for your body, see if you can choose meal times to stick to most days and get in a routine.


Notice the word LEARNED.

If you’ve had certain mechanisms or habits since day 1, you’ve got to participate in changing them.

Just WORK on it. Exercise those emotional muscles, and physical ones.

Drink lots of water, breathe well.

Smile, be grateful, be happy.

Enjoy the ride and take baby steps, but do take steps!

It’s so worth it, more than you know.

You know.

You definitely know.

Do it.

We’ve all gotta just do it.


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