Closet Cleansing…Better than shopping.

Having too many things is freaking annoying, if you don’t love something, GET RID OF IT. I’d rather have like 5 things that I actually like than 100 things that I’m keeping around just because…because those extra things just get in the way and make it harder to decide what to wear or what you need when you go shopping.

This year I did a HUGE purging of my wardrobe, I did it because I only wanted things hanging in my closet that I actually wanted to wear. I wanted to get down to the basics and identify the items of clothing that I loved most and that made me feel good. I made a promise to myself that for 3-6 months I wouldn’t shop, I would only refine, refine, refine and reduce my wardrobe to the favorites.

Closet cleansing is simple-


Step 1 is to get your mind right. You are either going to sell, donate or trash items and so nothing you are getting rid of will go to waste or should be kept around for the wrong reasons. Regardless of price, if you don’t love an item, you don’t need it. It’s all good, the money has already been spent and you’ll be a more informed shopper next time. This is about getting down to the pieces you love so getting dressed is easier, you feel good in the clothing you have and you know how to shop better in the future.

Step 2 is understand your piles. You will have 4 piles of clothing as you are removing things from your closet:

+Sell: This pile is for high-value pieces that are worth the time to sell instead of donate. I use Poshmark to sell my clothing because it’s super user-friendly and effective, I also think eBay is a really good option.

+Donate: Most things will get donated, think of this as giving to charity…someone will either get your clothing for free or at a great price and feel like they scored! You don’t love these items so let them go to someone else who will. Win-win.

+Trash: Be real with yourself, if something is super worn, stretched out or stained, just get rid of it. You’ve given those pieces a good run, they’ve served you well and now it’s their time to go. It’s not worth trying to sell or donate these items, they’re trash.

+Just In Case: This Just In Case pile is the SECRET SAUCE and allows you to purge AGGRESSIVELY. If there is anything you’re on the fence about, keep it in this pile. It does not remain in your closet for now, but it will stay in your home for easy access in case needed. As you go about your daily life, if a specific item comes to mind and you’d like to wear it then pull it out of the Just In Case pile. In other words, this pile is like a safety net. As you think of things and realize you wish you didn’t remove them, they go back into your closet. After a few months, everything else eventually gets sold, donated or trashed.

Step 3 is make it happen! Just choose a few hour time slot and get it done! I like to pretend like I’m going shopping in my own closet, item by item I just make an assessment and choose whether it stays or goes into one of my piles. If the answer isn’t obvious, I try things on, read care labels and think of real-life examples of when I’d wear the item. Just keep it moving and use your Just In Case pile to be AGGRESSIVE. Don’t be scared to go hard, the less you have the more you know about what you love and the few new pieces you’d like to buy.

Closet cleansing is always on my mind and I often have a Just In Case pile at the back of my closet for ongoing cleaning {it’s a mentality!}, but I suggest putting a closet cleanse in your calendar at least every season, if not more often.

Less truly is more-


The benefits of cleansing your closet are great. At the end of a big cleanse, or a few rounds, I get in touch with the types of clothing that I love by way of what remains. I realize the types of materials, colors and silhouettes that I like most.

Then, because I can see what pieces I love and actually wear, I know what to buy more of. I’m able to narrow things down to my favorite materials and brands, so shopping in the future is much more focused and simple.

Now all of my pieces are easily coordinated, they go together and fit me well. Getting dressed is easier, shopping is easier and my mind is clear of all the crap that got physically removed from my space.

Give is a try and let me know how it goes!

You can use this method for any space in your home, see here.


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