Don’t Be Wishy Washy With Your Life

I’ve been thinking…a lot this year. I mean, I’m always thinking a lot but this year about my life and how to make things happen. How to get what I want. How to be happier, more effective, more successful…and how to do so more quickly.

I’m realizing that everything is a choice. How you react to problems, how you feel each day, what you choose to be grateful for, the work you do, how you spend your money…all choices.

It’s so important to be decisive, we can’t be wishy washy.

I’ve learned that it’s best to make quick decisions and then take actions to support them. Bam.


Decide the life you desire and don’t leave things to chance. I repeat, I DO NOT leave things to chance.

Know what you want and get specific, then take action.

Small actions lead to great things.

Knowledge is everything.

And hard work is everything.

You’ve gotta know things and you’ve gotta know yourself, too.

Even mistakes are good lessons, it’s all good.

Just gauge and move from there, evolve, change.

Use your time wisely, maximize your efforts — make systems and processes and routines — outsource where you can, don’t do shit you hate.

Find someone who has accomplished a goal you’re after and study what they did, let them show you the way.

Ask for help, ask questions, think differently, try new things. Try new things until they work, no matter how many new things it takes.

Use the information you have, analyze the data, think about what you’re doing.

Always be on the move.

Don’t be lazy.

Buck up.

Just keep going.

You’re doing it!

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