easily pack these healthy foods for travel, simple as pie

Coming off a little biz trip this week, I was thinkin’ —

Sometimes it really is hard to eat healthfully while traveling, but that’s not an excuse not to make it happen — it  just takes a tiny bit of thought and some preparation.

You can’t leave things to chance, you gotta think ahead and have some supplies.

It’s always good to try and eat foods that are alive, and then also foods that will satisfy you and keep your mood balanced and happy.


Alkalizing, refreshing, detoxifying and fiber. Also delicious. I drink room temperature lemon water every morning first thing, it’s a great way to cleanse the system upon waking. Depending on how long you’ll be without a fridge or whether you’ll have access to a knife at your destination, I sometimes like to slice some in half before leaving home {for easy squeezing!}.


A perfect mix of fiber and fat, creamy and delicious. Perfect to travel with, just slice in half and eat with a spoon ~ sprinkle some salt or chili flakes {if you have access to them, lol}.


Delish, satisfying, protein-packed and single serving. What could be better!? My favorite variety click here.


Any kind! Grass-fed beef, bison, turkey. Try to avoid sugar and sauces and go organic whenever possible. I’ve been into this brand lately.


I freaking live by this stuff, no matter where I am. This is one of the most potent health foods {high protein and loads of nutrients}, it tastes neutral and is easy to ingest. Just shake well with cold water and fresh squeezed lemon and enjoy. I swear chlorella leads to glowing skin, too — the green color somehow gives skin a really radiant tone.


I eat a lot less fruit these days but apples are great for travel, just wash them before you go and then they’re an easy, alive addition to any meal!


Having a dessert option prepared in case you want it is a serious secret weapon. Again, do not leave things to chance — if you like a little sweet at night then bring some with you! This way you won’t have to succumb to often very limited {and very chemical/sugary} options while traveling. Doing this will help you stay stay on track — balanced, calm and not sliding down some slippery slope. Stay connected to yourself. My favorite Hu Bar here, also sold at most health food stores <3.


The best natural sleep aide around, plus magnesium is healthy for your digestion and mood as well. These yummy flavored packs are well worth having around and just perfect for travel.

What else!?

Tell me about your favorite foods for travel below.



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