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Hi handsome ones,

It’s a beautiful morning – because I’m alive, and well, and can’t complain at all. And because I don’t have anything I haave to do today. And because it’s a brand new year. And because I have a whole weekend ahead of me before going back to work. And because my cinnamony organic soy au lait tastes extra delicious right now – I think because I’m hungover – from Old Fashions last night and vegan carrot cake and yet somehow no matter what, I wake up at 6:00am every day.

Like every second of every day I’m counting my blessings…seriously, my cup runneth over. If not ever else, take a moment to be grateful now. Gratitude is sexy. Keep it in perspective and cherish the small things. The real things. Like life itself, health, family, friends, safety, sanitation…opportunity, hope, excitement, drive, passion, experiences…memories. Love. Fun, laughs, smiles, dancing. The list goes on, and it’s all pretty much for free.

As we set our resolutions I think it’s important to be realistic, and specific. Always think big. And also think small, and lasting.

A lot of times when I make a wish it’s for world peace, no joke. Or to contribute to world peace in some way. I want my life to have profound effect on the world…I have a lot of figuring out to do, I know. I wish to become the person I know I’m meant to be. I wish for Crush and Glow to realize its dreams…and I think through that, I’d be the me I’m meant to be, and contribute to world peace in some way.

More specifically, starting this year –

  • I will exercise my waist for 10 minutes per day.
  • I will practice portion control – I eat mostly beautiful food, now I just want to eat less of it…I’ll remind myself to not take more than I need, I think that will help. I think chewing my food better (like 30 times per bite) will also help. And I plan to use smaller tupperware when packing my lunch for work.
  • I will blog post more often than I did in 2015, maybe around twice per week. And I need serious help with my creative direction, I plan to work on that big time. Gahhh….always so much to do and learn and improve on. But that’s life <3.
  • I will be more responsible with my spending – I think a little effort could go a long way! I’m going to try and be more mindful and diligent with what I buy.
  • I will travel more – OR, I might use all of my vacation days on Jivamukti’s 300-hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica this June. Dreams can come true!

I just read back through that list and changed each sentence from “I want to…” to “I will…” My health coach Maria Marlowe always told me to take take the word “try” out of my vocabulary. Just do it. And she also always says that we all have the same 24 hours in the day as Beyonce. I have a lot less money, resources and paid help than Queen B, but we still do have the same number of hours in a day, it’s true.

So…don’t forget to expand your mind, think big, think outside of your own little box. It’s a big-ass world out there, a beautiful world indeed, but some of it isn’t pretty. Remember that people are suffering, and starving, and unsafe. Remember how blessed you are. When in doubt, get inspired…contribute, help, donate, read. Write, share information, spread the love. This is our lives…happening right now. Who are you and what do you do? Be proud of your answer.

Some of my favorite reading/places to donate to –

Have a great day, and a great year ahead, and many more.

So much love, really. Like so much.



(( the scene from my annual Jivamukti New Year’s Eve Master Class yesterday <3 <3 <3 ))


Whimsical Christmas Dear by French Paper Moon.

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