How to Not Hate Exercise and Stay Consistent

Hi you guys!

Back in the day exercise used to be a major chore, I would muscle through every single day religiously and I liked the way it made my body feel but I usually did not enjoy the experience. I would be super frustrated inside my head, watching the clock…sometimes I would even cut it short or leave a class early.

No bueno.

I was choosing my exercise routines for the wrong reasons — I thought I should work out as hard as possible every time and that I had to work out every single day. I also only knew of a few select options — like gym time, power yoga, running outside or cycling.

Over time, I grew up and learned a few things.

I still think that exercise is important, I aim to move inside of my body every day and I do like to challenge myself…but my approach is different.

  1. Mainly, I choose activities that I ACTUALLY LIKE. That’s right, even the most challenging work outs I choose fire me up and are fun for me. Nowadays my favorite activities are cycling, yoga, pilates on the apparatus/machines, running short sprints, resistance training and the occasional barre class. Boxing is a sport I don’t do often but would like to get into! And then I know that I usually do not like running long distances, power yoga, bikram yoga, mat pilates, dance, martial arts or really fast strength or circuit training.
  2. Then, I get particular about where, when and with who I exercise. That means that I choose particular gyms, studios or instructors whose offering I like — I enjoy being there, I admire their fitness, I like their music and their routines, I get good results, the times and atmosphere work for me, the locations are convenient, etc. For example, not all yoga is the same…not at all! So I take the time to try different teachers, studios, times and find those that I can’t wait to get to, that really do it for me — and then I stick with them! Another example is that even at my favorite cycling studio, when they do a country music ride I know that I won’t enjoy it — that music just doesn’t fire me up or get me excited, so now I know not to take those classes. Straight up. No biggy, I’m just choosing activities that serve me.
  3. Last, know that not every day of exercise has to be intense — on some days that you’re not in the mood for a big work out or don’t have time — just stay connected to yourself in some small way — move inside of your body and get your heart pumping a little. Take a walk, stretch, foam roll, do some push ups and squats at home, lay on an acupressure mat, meditate, do restorative yoga, the list goes on. These activities are equally as important as any other kinds of movement! Read more here.

Overall, just be mindful about what you’re doing. Think about what’s reasonable and pleasant and track to a game plan that works for you. Most important is that you look forward to your exercise routines and that you are realistic with your goals so that you are able to be consistent — whatever that looks like!

Have a great day, xx.



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