How to Remove Clutter from Any Space, and Why you MUST!

Clutter messes up everything, I can’t stand it. It gets in the way, bogs you down, jams you up and makes it hard to think or get motivated or do anything. I’m constantly on the prowl for ways to simplify, remove, clear out. Less is more. When I have tasks at hand I literally cannot complete them if my situation is cluttered.

When my gut is cluttered I feel lazy and tired. When my home is cluttered I feel demotivated and like I can’t get anything done. When my mind is cluttered I feel overwhelmed, like I don’t know what to do first.

Clutter makes me feel like everything around me is crazy, it’s the feeling of chaos or stress. Clearing away clutter is like medicine, though, and can heal almost any situation.

Clear space = order and calm, ya know?

If your gut is cluttered {which is hugely tied to mood BTW}, see here.

If your mind is cluttered, write things down. Having thoughts, ideas and tasks on paper can be a relief and keeps you on top of your shit. If you get in the habit of writing everything down, then you’re a rockstar because nothing will slip through the cracks. At work I’ll literally never leave my desk without a post-it or something to write on, just in case. I write every little thing down, even if it’s just a keyword. Later, when reviewing your lists, don’t feel overwhelmed,  just choose the one most important thing and do that. Keep it simple, one thing at a time. And remember! Not everything matters equally, so focus on the heavy hitters.

Now, for the meat of this post — how to declutter any space!


Start by realizing your different tasks at hand, what are you decluttering? It can’t be your whole life at once. Plan to bite it off in chunks rather than thinking about cleaning your entire life at once. For example —  junk drawers, tools, clothing, pantry, linen closets, bathrooms, books — they are all separate spaces and should each be handled in isolated groups. Like things get decluttered together.


Get a large beach sheet or garbage bag and lay it out in an open space. Have a garbage bag for actual garbage nearby and another bag to collect things you may want to give away, donate or sell.


Take everything from the space or spaces that you’re clearing and place / pile on the sheet, so everything is in one place.


Sweep and wipe down the areas where all of things live, where you will be putting them back to — dresser, shelves, bins, whatever it is. Just clean the space since everything is removed and it’s now a fresh pallet.


Start to put things back, just tackle your pile piece by piece. If things are dusty, just wipe them/rinse them off as you go. It may feel like a lot of things but just take it one piece at a time, pick something up and put it away. Of course, as you go, remove anything you do not love or need — place it in one of your bags off to the side.


Pro tip!!! If you’re unsure about certain items and fear you may want them one day, place those items in a maybe bag. You will keep this bag for 1-3 months and only if you think of something that’s in it will you put those things back into your closet or life. In other words, this bag allows you to remove things aggressively, but get things back if you made a mistake. Make sense? This bag is crucial, it really sets you free and allows you to remove a lot of clutter, but with a safety net. This process overall helps you really get in touch with the things you actually wear, use, like or love…and the things that not so much.


Once everything is back away neatly, remove your excess bags: throw out your garbage, bring your donations to local establishments, sell some things on eBay or Poshmark…whatever it is, do it right away! Then stow your maybe bag in the bottom of a closet and see whether you miss any of those items or not…after some time, that bag gets removed from the space as well.

Sigghhh of relief.

And that’s it! On to the next space.

I do this little process often and all over my life — lately it’s been spices and baking supplies in the kitchen, under the bathroom sink and my WARDROBE, big time. Clothing is a big one, see here full a full post on closet cleansing.


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