Kripalu Yoga Center { our sister weekend away <3 <3 <3 }

Kripalu is a yoga center in the Berkshire Mountains. It’s a hidden gem. Maybe not that hidden actually but definitely a gem. It’s crazy beautiful, offers so much yoga {physical practice and philosophy} and the food is out of this world.

As you know, my sister is my best friend. Ride or die till the end homegirls. Our lives are different and shit gets busy, so we decided to take a weekend away together to catch up and spend time before her sweet baby boy arrives next month.

No matter who you are — capable, do-it-all, over achiever, bad-ass bee — you need time to relax. To connect with the people you love, take a break, be in nature, slow down, move inside of your body, sleep. So we made the time. It was really special and as delicious as I ever could have imagined.

Being there and living a real simple life for a few days reminded me of a few things, reconnected me with a few things I have grasped before but let slip away —

Gentle yoga or more moderate workout classes are really healthy, super effective and borderline better than extremely challenging workouts. If not better than at least definitely worth having in the mix. Focus on crazy good form {knit your waist, don’t splay your ribs, tuck your tail, lengthen your spine, wide collar bones, soft shoulders, BREATHE FULLY}, move your spine, think about flexibility and balance, remember how important they are. ENJOY! Relax, think about nothing, meditation in motion baby.

Seriously though, free style cat cows and a little wagging of your “tail” feels like bliss. Close your eyes and give it a go. Anywhere, anytime. 

Tea is freaking amazing and a little raw honey can make it taste divine {I’m also super feeling adding some fresh lemon}.  I have a newfound love for all kinds of teas and have been making this super anti-inflammatory recipe at home since I got back: add 1 teaspoon of turmeric to boiling water, stir, reduce heat and let simmer for 10 mins. You can strain before drinking {I only do so half the times} and add raw honey or lemon to taste. I really like this tea recipe chilled, as well.

And last, pregnant women are freaking incredible. Ladies literally grow, create and carry humans inside of them. All while carrying on with normal life like it’s not even a thing. Except it is so totally such a huge thing. I am blown away. My sister is like a super hero to me, literally she is my hero. Carrying a baby inside of her and still doing it all — being beautiful, staying calm, working, eating clean food, making time for exercise, being mommy to her daughter, a friend to her friends, the best sister in the world to me and more. Mad props to all the mothers out there, words cannot describe.

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TGIF tomorrow!!


P.S. Kripalu’s website here.

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