magnesium for better sleep and poop, sign me up!!

Magnesium is known to help with healthy digestion and therefore weight loss/a flatter stomach, and it also helps you sleep — I’m really into it lately.

In regard to pooping {it’s all about good poops, you guys!}, Dr. Axe says —

“Magnesium helps relax muscles within the digestive tract, including the intestinal wall, which controls your ability to go to the bathroom. Because magnesium helps neutralize stomach acid and moves stool through the intestines, taking magnesium supplements is a natural way to help you poop!”

That pretty much says it all.

Then in regard to sleep {also allll about good sleep!}, magnesium can help calm a racing mind — it relaxes your muscles and is helpful for your heart rate.

Overall, magnesium is an important element in many biological functions, including nerve and muscle function.

I alternate magnesium supplements in my diet, and use one of the below every day or so {keep it to one serving per day} —

+ Morning — Trace Minerals Mega Mag
+ Evening — Life Extension Magnesium Caps or Natural Calm {a flavored drink}
+ Travel — I love to bring mag with me on trips, too — it’s easy to travel with and anything to keep me regular when on the go is a must in my book {these travel packets are pictured above}

I don’t take many supplements because I believe that if you eat a variety of healthy foods and take good care, then you should receive everything you need through your diet. But, I do take a few select supplements and magnesium is definitely one of them. The others —

+ Probiotic — digestion and gut health
+ Digestive Enzyme — digestion and gut health
+ Hum Killer Nails — for hair and nails
+ Chlorella — one of the most potent health foods, chlorella is the only plant on the planet that can quadruple its growth in less than one day — it contains micronutrients that work together to help regenerate cells faster than normal to help your body recover from whatever’s ailing you. I truly believe chlorella help my skin to absolutely glow from the inside out.

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