My Top Five Tips for a Music Festival

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Sooo fun, just the best kind of fun around — but also a lot of hectic, anxious energy.

I’ve been to a festival or two in my day…or like, 50 ~ here’s my top advice on how to stay calm and collected, feeling good and having a total ball.

1. Keep it simple, be comfortable and be yourself

This is rule #1. This is so important, in life always but especially in a festival situation. Comfort and confidence is sexy, so don’t costume-up so elaborate that it takes over your life. Shop for new things and be stylish if you want, but you want to wear clothes that feel like you, that you know what to expect from and that won’t make you feel insecure. Maybe add some glitter or a pretty head piece to the mix to make you feel festive, but avoid trying to be someone you’re not by overdoing it with the embellishments.

Wear clothes that are comfortable! I repeat, COMFORTABLE. Nothing too tight or too short or that you’re worried about ruining. Don’t wear huge high heels that you can’t walk and dance in. Don’t wear your most expensive or prized belongings — no matter how cute they are, leave that worry safe at home. Festivals are about being happy and carefree, about getting loose and being in the moment. Your outfit and accessories should allow for that and enhance that but certainly not get in the way.

Keep it simple.

Plan your outfits in advance according to the geography and weather, and be practical. For example, if it’s going to be hot during the day but cool down at night, bring a light jacket. Avoid rompers because they are hard to pee in! I’m tellin’ ya, when you’re dealing with porter potties you don’t need any added stress. Choose a lightweight cross body bag or a backpack {I’m feeling the leopard prints} so you’re hands free to troop around and boogie. Wear closed-toe shoes, keep your money secure and be yourself! Straight up.

2. Bring something jazzy to the party 

It’s always fun to bust out something unexpected for a little added amusement. I’m thinking flash tattoos, face jewels, a polaroid camera, Evian face spray — whatever you think is awesome and your friends might enjoy in the moment.

3. Sunblock and water

Don’t be the dope who gets so wrapped up running around so excited that they totally forget to take care of themselves. Keep your shit in check. You’re going to be active in the sun for hours, make sure to protect yourself and stay hydrated. My essentials: sun block {this brand is my absolute faveee}, hatwater bottle.

4. Get waxed before you go

This is my favorite little secret — it works wonders for any vacation or weekend away with friends, but especially at festivals. Since you’re going to be on the go, sharing living space and may even have limited access to bathrooms, mitigate the worry of shaving and hair removal altogether. Wax it off before you go and you’ll be golden for the whole time, how liberating! I wax my full legs, bikini, underarm and any other little area I have unwanted hair (like toes, belly button, face).

5. Don’t mess with your hair

This is another little secret of mine. You’re going to have moments that you’ll feel like a hot mess — in a crowd, sweaty, worried about frizz. My best advice is to just let it be and don’t do anything {no pony tails, buns, running your fingers through your hair like crazy, don’t wet it}  — just leave your hair be, keep on dancing and don’t worry. You’ll cool down eventually and your hair will be better off if left untouched. If you mess with it early on, you’ll never get it right again — it will be a creased up ball of mess. Just leave it be and it will stay as tamed as possible. Think about the long game for this one guys, feel the pain and let it pass — even during the days, you have the whole night ahead of you.

Anyway, I hope these little tips were helpful and fun. Be safe and have a blast {insert rocket ship emoji here}. xxx

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