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I used to binge eat and yo-yo diet and use food as a crutch to get through life. It took me about 10 years {or my lifetime thus far} to get over it. I had to recover, like an addict, and teach myself how to live. It was really hard and took a long time, slow as molasses, but I never considered not doing the work. Every day, no matter how many steps backward I would take, I always continued on my path — pushing forward and trying to figure it out. I read books, tried extreme diets, exercised, ran half marathons, got certified to teach yoga, saw therapists, worked with a health coach, became a health coach and the list goes on.

I had a lot of adversity in my young life and grew up with a lot of bad habits, self-destructive habits. I’m ultimately grateful for them because I learned so much early on and have really sharpened my skills for life, I know that nothing just happens and nothing is easy. Not for anyone, not even for the people that make it look easy. Really it all boils down to habits…some we pick up deliberately and others without realizing it. So for me, it was all about understanding my habits, my physiology, the things that were deeply engrained in my lifestyle, for better or for worse, and then deciding which to keep and which to replace.

It all feels simple to me now, I feel enlightened. It’s crazy how different I am and how different my mind is, now that I’ve done the work…I’ve matured and learned and grown, I’ve taught myself how to live…literally.

It’s been a battle, a crazy one, but I have arrived {always more things to work on and improve, but I’ve made it to a new level for sure}. And so no matter how long it took, it was more than worth it. It is absolutely never too late, because the work shows up and the benefits are real and you are set free…it’s the hugest relief. It just takes time and perseverance, but there is no job more worth it — than to take care of yourself and be in control of your thoughts. You are not a slave and you do not have demons, you just have bad habits and simply need to replace them with good ones. It’s not easy, but it’s simple.

I started blogging because I know I have something to share with the world. I know Crush and Glow will find itself and realize its dreams — to profoundly effect the way people think, to help people set themselves free and understand that life isn’t about happiness but about meaning and contribution — but like anything else, it’s not easy.

Changing my relationship with food has saved my life, so much so that I wanted to share it with the world. But it never comes out right and doesn’t feel right. I hate people asking me questions or teasing me if something I’m doing is “Crush and Glow” or not? The truth is, I’m not perfect and I’m not trying to be perfect. I eat loads of organic and vegan food, my home is extremely clean, but I also eat a bunch of crap, too. Because it’s 2017 and I live in America and shit happens and I’m not trying to alienate myself. I’m trying to have a normal relationship with food and take care of myself, I’m not trying to be perfect or 100% anything. I have a method to my madness for sure, but I realize it’s not something I want to have to articulate or explain or defend.

I realize that Crush and Glow is about something bigger than just organic food. It’s about world-view and perspective, methods for life, overcoming obstacles and adversity, taking action, being specific, it’s about doing less and having more, about drive and fight, accountability, mindfulness, information, skills…it’s about life, it’s my diary.

I’m on a constant quest to better myself and live the life of my dreams, and I hope to help you do the same! Plain and simple.

Thanks for reading.

With love, sincerely,



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