Reflections for a New Year ~ 2018, What Up!

My resolutions are really subtle this year, I’m just working on the same things as always — but with a clean slate I guess, so that’s inspiring.

I want to live a good life, a meaningful life — I want to be enlightened and successful and I want to have effect on the world, even if it’s small. Contribution is everything. I never want to lose touch with how big the world is and how small I am, how insignificant each of us are as individuals and how short our time here is. I always want to remember that my experiences and struggles are just like those who came before me and those who will follow after. I’m not special. It’s all good.

Today’s world is annoying. In 2017 I woke up to the fact that there is so much bullshit and noise, but that I don’t have to participate in it.

It’s so important to me to be specific about my time and about my life, I am trying so hard to be in the moment each moment and to decide what I’m doing. I don’t want the norm to carry me, I want to be specific and choose my path. I forget sometimes and get reactive, or competitive, but then I reflect and catch myself and course correct.

I’ve learned this year that listening is better than talking. Sometimes I slip up and get excited and can’t wait to say my piece — but I’m learning to hold back — I’m refraining a lot of the time, too. Doing the emotional exercise, training my muscles and becoming the person I want to be.

That’s another huge thing I learned in 2017 — that you can truly be whoever you want. You just have to train yourself. Don’t know where to start? Find someone who does it well and do what they do. One action at a time, train yourself into new behaviors, they become habits faster than you think. Nothing is easy, not for anyone. Not for successful people or for people who make it look easy — they work hard, they’re diligent, they fail, probably a lot more than you’d think.

Failure is not a bad thing, its information. Failure is good, its experience and it’s humbling.

Be humble. Always, humble and grateful. Don’t ever forget.

If you think you’re amazing then the joke is on you. Be proud of your successes for a hot minute but don’t let that get in the way, acknowledge the hard work you’ve done and move on. Continue to learn, refine and grow, continue to contribute in greater ways.

Without contribution, what is life? It’s SAD, like the Standard American Diet, shortsighted and depressing.

Think long game, think about setting your life up for a fulfilling future, think about what truly brings you joy and interests you. Then move in that direction. It can be really simple things.

Get out of debt, stop worrying about material bullshit and don’t concern yourself with what other people think. Take feedback and reflect, but ultimately be your own judge. It sincerely only matters what you think. If you love yourself, feel beautiful inside and know you’re doing good work, then what else do you need? Make sure you’re giving it your all by your own standards and that’s all you need. Before you worry about what someone else thinks of you, remind yourself that what they think literally does not matter. Find peace in making your own determination and hold yourself to your own standards. Dassit.

Less is more. Seriously, the more you clear away the bullshit the more you realize you have. Plus! The less you have the more specific and careful you are about the things in your life. You’ll choose better things that are better quality and a better fit, that bring more value and satisfaction and longevity.

Today’s world is noisy, so decide not to participate and create your own life.

I keep my cell phone on silent and check in with it when I have time. I moved all social media apps off the home page of my cell phone. I’m taking a break from shitty food and alcohol for the first 21 days of January so I can clear my body and mind of clutter and so I can restore my energy.

Read this book and change your life forever. This article is really good too.

READ BOOKS in general. They are a pathway to anything great. {See here}.

My new year’s resolution this year is simply to keep going, more of what I’m doing.

I will continue to climb the mountain and become the person I want to be. I will learn and refine and work hard, harder than I have been. I will know my place, feed my mind and strengthen my body. I will keep it simple. Simple and real and grounded. Because to me, that’s all that matters.

Mad love, xo.



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