Shit’s Not Going to Fall Into Your Lap, So Do This

I’m a pretty productive person, I do a lot…I do a lot and I’m proud but I have a LOOOONG way to go. Every day I wake up asking myself how to be better – how to be more put together, more productive, more successful. How to do MORE! I feel like I do so much yet there’s still so much I want to find time for, get better at, to learn.


Like, if things are hard we need to make them easier for ourselves.

In my mind lately it’s boiling down to two main things – do less things & systems.


It’s not about having more time in the day because that will literally never happen, so it’s about doing fewer things.


It’s about being mindful and specific, being in control of what I say yes to and where I spend my energy, it’s about making real time for the things that matter most or that I’m trying to make happen. It’s about saying no to some things. Because NOTHING IS EASY! And shit takes time. I’m learning that each day older I get. Shit is not falling in my lap. If I want things I need to make them happen. I need to WORK.

Want to know how?? Read this book, The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. It’s a life changer. Also, see here.


In other words, make things easier for yourself, do things in bulk, keep it simple, less is more. Let the work you do work for you, make it go a long way, maximize.

For example:

Wash your hair as little as possible, do a really good wash and blow dry and then maintain it. I’ve been washing my hair about every four days and I’d like to get to seven. Not joking, seven is goals. Not washing my hair too often is the shit.

Food prep! For real, think ahead a tiny little bit and plan your meals for the week, and then cook them in bulk. Cook once and eat like five times if you can, just mix and match and make your cooking time really worth it.

Plan your workouts for the week at one time so you have a plan to get it in and know where to be when.

Pick your outfits out at night for an easier morning.

Make sure all of your belongings have a place and get in the habit of always putting them back where they belong. Make it second nature! This way you keep things tidy and also you always know where things are because you put them away in their special little place!

Another thing I love to do is have a little pencil case or makeup bag with everything I need on the day-to-day in one place, so I can just throw it in my purse and run out the door. Chapstick, pens, eye drops, cuticle cream {my fave!}, an emergency tampon, small mirror, sunnies, you name it. This makes transferring bags a breeze, too.

This works really well for travel as well, I have a makeup case with all of the toiletries I need to travel in one place, so I don’t have to figure it out each time I go. I just throw that guy in my suitcase and I have all of the basics. Easy.

So yea, do less and get systematic. Maximize. Leave time for the good stuff, the stuff that actually matters.



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