Top 5 Life Lessons Learned at Coachella { new music, soul food, cocktails, nipple covers & more }

Coachella, dude. Yep. We did it. UP. I’m tired and lost my voice but boy did we have fun. A music festival, especially those as large as Coachella are big undertakings – money, time, planning, energy. But damn, so worth it once in a while…once in a lifetime even, for some people.

Tapping into my soul like that — dancing to loud music with best friends in wide open spaces in gorgeous geography — is a need. An undeniable need. Moments like that really connect me to myself, to who I am and who I want to be; to the types of things that truly bring me joy and that are FUN.

Here are the top 5 things I got reminded of on my little trip to the desert ~

One – It is absolutely imperative that you tap into your soul once in a while, I’d say every 3-6 months is ideal, but at least once per year. Think ahead, make plans and make it happen for yourself. You need to take a break from everyday life to be overjoyed with passion, love, entertainment, fun. Whether it’s live music, camping, adventure, travel, alone time with your kids, staycation, a workshop, training for something, a mosh pit…whatever it is that’s yours (truly, sincerely, deeply) –> DO IT. Make it part of your life. Doctor’s orders.

TwoReusable nipple covers are the shit, I got these and they were worth every penny. They stick to your body heat and so there is no sticky adhesive and you can use them over and over. I just keep them safely in their little box and pop them on when needed. It’s like no bra but with some protection, wear strappy tops like the carefree goddess that you are! ; )

THREECocktails with water. Yep, it’s my newest craze. Great idea for anytime, but especially when drinking during the day or in the heat. Ice, your favorite liquor {I love tequila in the summer! but this works with anything}, water and maaaaad citrus. Yum yum yum and hello hydration. Get extra jazzy with this mason jar tumbler with lid and straw {in NYC I use glass but this guy is good for travel/near a pool}.

FOURDiscover new music! Sometimes I get stuck in patterns listening to the same music all of the time, and then I’m introduced to something new and realize how much I’m missing! Music comes with so much mood, emotion, energy, healing power that we need solid repertoires to tap into as needed. Ask around, use Pandora or Spotify to customize your suggested playlists, browse SoundCloud or check out some festivals. There was A LOT of music at Coachella but my favorite new discovery is Glass Animals. Check them out <3.

FIVE – You do you. The most graceful, calming, powerful, respectable thing you can do is always remember to be yourself and do what you need to do to be OK. Speak up, take care, go with the crowd or don’t. Don’t be selfish but make sure not to be selfless, either. As long as you are doing what you think is right, if it’s reasonable and fair, then you do you. Trust yourself, own it, be honest. To me, that’s perfect.

Happy Saturdayyyy!



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